Breeding  and Training ISDS registered Border Collies
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Breeding registered Border collies for working sheep.
They also excel in Agility/obedience  and make wonderful companions!
To date we have never had or bred a dog with epilepsy, TNS, CEA or PRA 

Tweed Jr fondly known as mini T.
mini T has a superb nature.. and im hoping he will take over Big Ts duties one day.

Tweed ( the main man)
Mini Ts full brother Sweep
Katherine Herbert with Kiwi ( TweedxHope)
this is Glen,  He is the smooth coated type of Border collie and had a heart of gold!     If  you watched the television series, "monarch of the Glen"  it was glen and myself that put those little wooly monsters through the castle, and ruined the ball,  (all for tv of course), and also did all the other sheep and dog scenes  in the series, in 2000 and 2002.   paw prints on request!  ( glen has now gone to that big sheep pasture in the sky) age 16

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maple Sandi x tweed.
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